Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dead Cameras(read entire post)

Hey guys!  Well, It's winter again and I still have yet to put any pics from this summer.  I know it may seem like I'm just being forgetful(again), although I have a totally legit(hate both those words, but they seemed appropriate) reason this time: my camera died for some unknown reason, and the the one in which I was borrowing for my trip to California was very much accidentally dropped in a tide pool.  I was extremely disappointed(still am) because there were some amazing pictures on those cameras.  Luckily, we were able to get the pictures form my camera's SD card onto my mom's laptop, which I will be posting as soon as I am able.  For now, though, please know that I'm going to try to start posting more often as soon as I get a new camera(and the summer pictures will be posted asap).  Until then, thank you all, be ready for some wonderful summer pictures, and if you don't mind, please take a look at my new blog "Today Is A Beautiful Day".  It is still in progress, although should soon be a wonderful collection of my manga art and a different J-pop song, usually by Supercell, each week(its a pie-crust promise, but let's see how it goes).  I know it may sound a little abstract(yeah, that's one way to describe it :3), but it'll probably evolve over time, making changes here and there, until it ends up a bit more harmonized(and hopefully organized...maybe that'll happen to me someday..haha), and it is better explained on the blog if you would look at it.  Anyway, take a look at it each week(or more, I can't control how often you look at a blog) if it sounds like something you may even remotely

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Winter Pics a Lil Late

Well, I know that my blog hasn't been updated in a while, so i decided to post something.  sadly, my
camera was dropped in a tide pool on my trip to california(which i will be posting pictures from sometime in the next month), so i'll show u some pictures from this past winter on a walk at hardburger park that i didnt get a chance to post.
So, this is my little cardinal friend that happened to come and land on a branch as we were leaving.  I'm so glad that he did, too, bcus i was getting worried that i wasnt going to get any bird pictures that trip.  this is definitely one of my favorites. :3

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring has Finally Sprung!

Thank God that the wildflowers are finally coming up or else i would've lost it if we went for another week without them.  So, the bluebonnets(or lupines as us Californians call them which is also the correct name) have this weird pattern where there's only a few of them one year and the next year every inch of hillside and anything else green is covered in a violet-blue ocean of lupines.  Not only is it just lupines that seem to have this pattern, though, it's also every other wildflower in Texas.  I enjoy this time of year very much because the air is so clean and fresh and pictures of wildflowers are ripe for the taking!  I already have lots of pictures like of this yellow flower(I don't know the name and I really don't feel like looking it up right now) near the nature park in our neighbor hood.  Isn't it beautiful?  Hope(my cousin adopted from China last summer) actually saw it before I did and pointed it out to me. :)  You might want to brace yourself for the rest of spring because there's a lot of more pics where that came from. :)

Yeah, um, Tabi?

Well, uh, the bird is actually girl, so, yeah.  But she's still my sweet parakeet and I still call her Tobi as a nickname, but I guess that her name is now Tabitha.  So anyway, today I let her out of her cage for a little bit while my cousin, Hope, was there.  We ended up crawling on our hands and knees following her as she hobbled along on the carpeted floor.  We were following her like that because every few steps her claws would get cuaght in the carpet and I would carefully unhook her talons from the carpet.  Hope described it as "It is like we are litttle kitties following the bird and are going to eat her."  It's nice to know her perspective of things.  Hehe :3

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Uccello, Ptak, Lind, Oiseau, Tobi, Bird

So, I know that this post is long overdue, considering the fact that Christmas was about 3 months ago, but I finally got a bird!  I mean around Christmas I got a bird.  He's a Rare Parakeet and his name is Tobi.  I went through atleast 5 other names until I finally got to the point where I was thinking "none of these names fit the darn bird, so screw originality, lets just name 'em 'Bird', it fits him, too."  I wasn't going to name him Tobi, eventhough he looks so much like he would have that name because it means "bird" in Japanese.  But he's my little sweet parakeet and a loud one at that and I love 'em.