Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Farm

So last weekend I went to the farm with Lala, uncle Kyle,and Lilly.  I had so much fun!  Like driving the Kubota, that was really awesome.  We drove through a bunch of puddles and I saw some pretty flowers,too (not that I wasn't paying attention or anything...hehe).   Anyway, when I was walking around the garden, I saw this pretty flower that apparently was a bloom of what I think were called purple berries, maybe.  It was really pretty, though.  Most of the pictures that I took were of flowers and would've been birds, too if my camera had been working when I saw this one woodpecker in a tree.  The woodpecker didn't even care that I was standing right under it, too.  It seems like every time there's an opportunity for me to take picture, I'm unprepared for it, that makes me soooo mad!  Anyway, in case you havent noticed I love taking pictures of animals and plants like this white flower that was on vine growing around a tree's branches.