Monday, November 21, 2011

About The Pics...

I never take anyone else's work.  If it's off the internet or just something my friend took a picture of, I'm not going to use that picture!  I only put pictures that I take of things on my blog.  Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that.

By the way, here is one of the big shrooms the next day when it was raining even harder(it was raining when i was outside taking the picture).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Look, Orange Ones, Too!

So, not only were there giant mushrooms but there were orange ones, too.  When I was looking around for some more interesting things after I found the giant ones, across the street there they were, what looked like little orange ping-pong balls.  So I decided to take a look and as I got closer, I noticed that what I was looking at wasn't a bunch of little ping-pong balls but clumps of cute, little bright orange mushrooms!  Now, these things were probably less than an inch tall but I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, thats so amazing!" as I clicked dozens of pictures of these cute little things.

Giant Mushrooms!

Well, no, not really giant.  They sure do look like it from the pics, though, don't they?  So, earlier this week after it rained, I was walking around outside and guess what I found?  Mushrooms!  But not just any mushrooms, these mushrooms were much bigger than they usually are.  These mushrooms were about 7 or 8 inches tall when they're usually about 3 inches tall at the most.  I love taking pics from "fairy" view, it looks sooooo awesome. 
So, I bring you "Giant