Monday, November 21, 2011

About The Pics...

I never take anyone else's work.  If it's off the internet or just something my friend took a picture of, I'm not going to use that picture!  I only put pictures that I take of things on my blog.  Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that.

By the way, here is one of the big shrooms the next day when it was raining even harder(it was raining when i was outside taking the picture).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Look, Orange Ones, Too!

So, not only were there giant mushrooms but there were orange ones, too.  When I was looking around for some more interesting things after I found the giant ones, across the street there they were, what looked like little orange ping-pong balls.  So I decided to take a look and as I got closer, I noticed that what I was looking at wasn't a bunch of little ping-pong balls but clumps of cute, little bright orange mushrooms!  Now, these things were probably less than an inch tall but I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, thats so amazing!" as I clicked dozens of pictures of these cute little things.

Giant Mushrooms!

Well, no, not really giant.  They sure do look like it from the pics, though, don't they?  So, earlier this week after it rained, I was walking around outside and guess what I found?  Mushrooms!  But not just any mushrooms, these mushrooms were much bigger than they usually are.  These mushrooms were about 7 or 8 inches tall when they're usually about 3 inches tall at the most.  I love taking pics from "fairy" view, it looks sooooo awesome. 
So, I bring you "Giant

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Bird Picture, Finally!

So, in a post that i did a while ago i said that i would post a picture of a Europeon Starling.  Well, I still dont have that picture.  But, i do have a picture that i took of a Blue Jay, YAY!  I've gotten better at either taking bunches of quick pictures of a bird as soon as i see it...or accepting the fact that the bird just flew away because my dog saw a ferral cat across the park and just had to bark at it right then and to just get over it(large exhale).  Anyway, atleast now I can take a semi-awesome picture of a bird.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Farm

So last weekend I went to the farm with Lala, uncle Kyle,and Lilly.  I had so much fun!  Like driving the Kubota, that was really awesome.  We drove through a bunch of puddles and I saw some pretty flowers,too (not that I wasn't paying attention or anything...hehe).   Anyway, when I was walking around the garden, I saw this pretty flower that apparently was a bloom of what I think were called purple berries, maybe.  It was really pretty, though.  Most of the pictures that I took were of flowers and would've been birds, too if my camera had been working when I saw this one woodpecker in a tree.  The woodpecker didn't even care that I was standing right under it, too.  It seems like every time there's an opportunity for me to take picture, I'm unprepared for it, that makes me soooo mad!  Anyway, in case you havent noticed I love taking pictures of animals and plants like this white flower that was on vine growing around a tree's branches.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Photography

Just for future references I'd like to say that I'll probably be posting alot of the pictures that I take because one, it adds some creativity to my blog, two, it looks really awesome, and three, the world needs to see my wonderful creativity and talent for photography, otherwise, what's the point of doing it?  This picture is from when I went to the farm with Lala, Kyle, and Lilly.

One of Many Hobbies

I really like doing photography, (eventhough I'm not in any sort of class for it or anything) and bird watching in addition to all the other things I'm good at and/or like to do.  Sometimes I'll go to the nature park with Sadie(my dog) and take pictures and videos of the things we see, like birds and one time even a rabbit!  There's this one bird that I've been seeing at school in the morning when I get off the bus on the way to the auditorium.  To me it looks like a Europeon Starling.  I really want take a picture of it, but there's never a good time to do it because people would ask me in the world I'm doing.  When I get a picture of it, though I'll post it on here, but for now here's a Barn Swallow at the Deer Field pool(I took the picture).